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Professional Commercial Building Washing Services in Lexington, KY

Your building is the first thing a customer or a potential client sees and creating a positive first impression is essential to your business. We are dedicated to providing top-quality pressure washing services for commercial buildings; helping businesses maintain clean, attractive, and inviting spaces for their customers and employees.

At Hydrosphere Services Pressure Washing in Lexington, KY, we serve a wide range of clients, including owners and managers of office buildings, retail business, restaurants, and property managers. We provide excellent exterior cleaning services and adhere to high standards of safety and environmental responsibility.

Our Commercial Building Washing Services in Lexington, KY

Pressure Washing

Utilizing high-pressure washing equipment, Hydrosphere Services effectively removes dirt, mold, mildew, and other contaminants from exterior surfaces such as concrete and brick.

Soft Wash

For delicate surfaces like painted wood, stucco, vinyl siding and glass, the soft washing process is use to remove dirt and mold without causing damage.

Graffiti Removal

Using specialized equipment and techniques, we will safely and completely remove graffiti from various surfaces without causing damage.

Sidewalks and Driveways

We also provide cleaning services for sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and other concrete or asphalt surfaces, restoring them to their original condition.

Benefits of Commercial Building Washing in Lexington, KY

Hiring a qualified professional to clean your commercial building in Lexington, KY has numerous benefits.

Improves Curb Appeal

With regular commercial building washing, you can maintain or boost the perceived value of your property and appeal to potential renters, buyers, and customers.

Prevents Frequent Repairs

Mold growth, dirt, and build-up can make a building look unattractive and lead to the deterioration of its exterior. Regular washing of your building’s exterior can decrease these risks and save your company money in maintenance and repair expenses.

Promotes a Healthy Working Environment

Regular cleaning eliminates harmful pollutants from the surfaces, including dust, pollen, and mildew which can cause allergies and possible respiratory issues for your employees and business associates. Building washing, will eliminate these toxic substances and prevent them from re-developing.

Why Choose Hydrosphere Services Pressure Washing?

Customized Solutions

Hydrosphere Services Pressure Washing in Lexington, KY understands that each commercial building is unique, so we tailor our cleaning solutions to meet the specific needs and preferences of each client.

Safety Standards

We adhere to safety protocols to ensure the well-being of our employees, clients, and the environment during every cleaning project.

Certified and Insured

Our business is 100% insured and certified with the PWNA (Power Washers of North America), which sets the standards of safety and compliance.


With years of experience in the exterior cleaning industry, Hydrosphere Services has the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional results.

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