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Professional Patio & Paver Cleaning Service in Lexington, KY

Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home, but dirt, pollen, and mold can quickly take over and make it less inviting. Hydrosphere Services Pressure Washing offers a comprehensive patio and paver cleaning in Lexington, KY, and the surrounding area.

We have the knowledge and expertise to preserve the beauty and longevity of your outdoor spaces through expert cleaning and maintenance of brick and paver surfaces. Many Central Kentuckians trust us for their pressure washing needs, and we would glad to serve you as well.

Our Patio & Paver Cleaning Services

Pressure Washing

We use specialized pressure washing equipment and techniques to thoroughly clean brick patios and pavers, removing dirt, moss, algae, and other contaminants.

Stain Removal

Utilizing professional-grade cleaners and treatments to effectively eliminate stains caused by oil, grease, rust, organic matter, and other substances, Hydrosphere Services will restore the natural beauty of the bricks and pavers.

Restoration and Enhancement

Offering optional services such as color enhancement, surface leveling, minor repairs and polymeric sand replacement, we can revitalize and improve the overall look and functionality of pavers.

Sealing and Protection

Applying premium sealants to safeguard cleaned surfaces from future staining, weathering, weed growth, and color fading, will prolong the lifespan and enhance the appearance of the pavers or bricks.

Patio Furniture

As an added service, we offer patio furniture cleaning. Most aluminum, steel and iron furniture can be cleaned on-site. Wood and teak furniture will be cleaned and sealed off-site.

Why Choose Hydrosphere Services to Clean Your Patio and Pavers?

Expertise and Experience

We are a team of skilled technicians with extensive knowledge and experience in brick and paver cleaning, maintenance, and restoration, equipped with the latest tools and techniques to deliver exceptional results.

Attention to Detail

Ensuring meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the cleaning and maintenance process, from surface preparation and treatment selection to application and finishing, we achieve superior outcomes.

Fast and Effective Results

Hiring an expert guarantees exceptional results and a fast completion. Let the experts at Hydrosphere Services handle the job so you can enjoy more free time on your clean patio.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hydrosphere Services is committed to exceeding your expectations and we stand behind our work with a one year warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

Benefits of Patio & Paver Cleaning in Lexington, KY

Hiring a qualified professional to clean your patio & pavers in Lexington, KY has numerous benefits.

Improved Aesthetics

Restoring the original beauty and charm of brick patios and pavers, enhances the overall aesthetics and value of the property, and creates an inviting outdoor spaces that homeowners and visitors can enjoy.

Long-Term Protection

Applying protective sealants and coatings to shield cleaned surfaces from environmental damage, UV exposure, moisture infiltration, and wear and tear, prolonging their lifespan and reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Safety and Functionality

Removing slippery algae, moss, and other hazards from brick surfaces, improving traction and safety for pedestrians and guests, and ensuring the durability and stability of paved areas for regular use and enjoyment.

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